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James Boyette


Stefani Boyette

VP of Finance and Operations

Lou Arias

Finance Director and Controller

Janet Tull

Clinical Advisor

Marilyn Castillo

Finance Operations Coordinator

Sallie Thomas

Talent Acquisitions & Employee Relations Director

Laura Curry

Administrative/Human Resources Coordinator

Luke Dallas

Marketing Director

Our Team



May 14, 2021
Sterile processing

Sterile Processing Outsourcing

Sterile Processing Outsourcing…. sounds like a great idea, but is it?  Some facilities have tried it with a mixed bag of success;
February 14, 2019

What makes a great Sterile Processing Technician? 3 Must Have Personality Traits

Sterile techs play a critical role in surgical outcomes. They sterilize surgical instrumentation and medical devices, and prepare the supplies needed for each surgery.
May 14, 2021

SPD Cultural Onboarding: The Edge Your Department is Missing

Starting a job in Central Sterile Services (Sterile Processing), let alone healthcare, is a process!