Interim Leadership


  • C-suite

  • Departmental Director & Manager

Adaptive Leadership:

  • Mentoring

  • Project-Based

Moab Healthcare’s interim leadership service is designed to rapidly deploy the most experienced leaders in key executive, divisional, or departmental positions within healthcare organizations. Our interim leaders are experienced professionals, with over 20 plus years of leadership experience who provide leadership, strategic direction, and stability during times of transition.

The need for interim leadership can arise for various reasons, including the sudden departure of a key executive, planned leadership transitions, or the need for a specialized skill set for a particular project or initiative. Our interim leaders are seasoned executives with a track record of success in healthcare Management.

Your interim leader will play a crucial role in maintaining continuity of operations, ensuring that organizational goals are met, and facilitating a smooth transition until a permanent leader is hired. They can be responsible for making key decisions, implementing strategic initiatives, and addressing immediate challenges faced by the organization.

Overall, Moab Healthcare’s interim leadership service is a strategic approach to bridge leadership gaps and maintain organizational stability during times of change.

Moab’s resource was an asset to my hospital’s Sterile Processing Department and we thoroughly enjoyed the six months that she was on our team. Her critical thinking skills and vast knowledge of Sterile Processing standards allowed us to improve and implement new processes that will help keep our patients and team members safe.

Director of Surgery, large hospital in Alabama 

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