5 Key Soft Skills Sterilization Techs Should Have

Are you having trouble hiring and retaining Sterile Processing Technicians? Or, are you considering a career as a Sterile Processing Technician? If so, you might be wondering about skills and qualities that would help find and place better candidates or help you succeed in this field.


Sterile Processing Technicians are the first line of defense against infection in healthcare environments. Their role is so important that hospitals and other facilities wouldn’t be able to function without them. Given that, it’s not surprising sterile techs must be cautious. Even after items are sterilized, there’s an extra step: a test that confirms specific parameters of a sterilization cycle were met. Ensuring an instrument is sterile and safe to use is vital to the reprocessing cycle. SPD technicians must be cautious. Those that have a greater level of appreciation for the importance of their job, are the ones to hire.



Patience is necessary for this role. You will spend your whole shift washing, flushing, drying, then sterilizing every screw, hinge, tube, and crevice. Then each piece must be reassembled properly for patient safety and surgical effectiveness. Sterile Processing Technicians don’t have direct contact with patients, but their duties are vital to keeping patients safe, and patience is critical to perform those duties properly.



With the safety of patients and care providers in a sterilization tech’s hands, it’s important for them to follow the rules. If they don’t, safety could be compromised, and the results could be disastrous. Sterile Processing Technicians must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on the job. No one enjoys wearing all these layers (it can be hot and uncomfortable), but it is of the utmost importance in order to protect one from infectious materials and blood-borne pathogens.



These meticulous individuals are in charge of the surgical instrument and medical device decontamination, organization, and packaging. This career is not limited to theory and concepts. Although they study the theory and concepts behind their work, they must be hands-on and analytical to get the job done.



Clearly, details are an important part of a sterilization tech’s day. Those details are important, especially because overlooking them may endanger patients. Increased regulation also means Sterile Processing techs need to be on top of every detail, every time.


Do you have these traits?

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