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January 9, 2019

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How Your Sterile Processing Department Directly Impacts Surgeon Satisfaction

Most surgeons have a choice on where they practice.  That’s why most choose to work in hospitals where they have confidence that the surgical instruments are being managed and processed in a safe and efficient manner.   They closely monitor hospital SSI (Surgical Site Infection) rates.  They know if a surgical site infection should occur, they are likely the ones held responsible. High infection rates can destroy a surgeon’s (and hospital’s) reputation, even though it’s not always within their control.

Hospitals with high infection rates have trouble attracting top surgeons, thus reducing the number of surgeries that can be performed per year.  Fewer surgeries negatively impacts hospital revenue.  Hospital revenue (or lack thereof) can have a direct impact on your compensation package.   A sterile processing department with a good track record can have a direct impact on recruitment and retention of top surgeons.

Most hospitals measure and track Operating Room turnover times.  Most surgeons have extremely busy schedules including surgery, hospital rounding, committees, office procedures and visits, & family/ community obligations.   Surgical delays, especially as a result of instrumentation issues, have a significant negative impact on surgeon satisfaction.

Hospitals routinely monitor Surgeon Satisfaction via a survey process as a recruitment strategy if they and/or identify issues before they result in a surgeon departure.   Many of the questions asked on the survey are instrumentation and turnover time related and are directly impacted by the Sterile Processing Department.

So…the next time you see a happy surgeon in the halls of your facility, you should feel a sense of pride, knowing you contributed to his/her satisfaction.

Hiring Sterile Technicians 

To learn more about hiring SPD and OR staff who can make a positive on impact your surgeon satisfaction scores, contact the specialists at MOAB Healthcare, the nationwide leader in sterilization technician staffing.

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