Why Hospitals Partner With Moab Healthcare

Trained, vetted sterilization technicians are essential to the success of your healthcare facility. You need them to keep your patients safe, your surgeons happy and your bottom line healthy. To achieve these goals, you need to work with an Operating Room and Sterile Processing staffing agency that specializes in placing certified, experienced, and vetted OR and SPD technicians.


MOAB Healthcare is owned and operated by perioperative professionals focused on patient safety and surgical success. MOAB can provide the skilled individuals needed to run your
Sterile Processing Department efficiently, effectively, and safely.


We have more than 50 years of combined perioperative experience. There is no SPD and OR issue we have not faced. We understand that skilled, experienced sterilization technicians are vital to the success of your hospital. We deliver Sterile Processing tech candidate profiles within 48 hours of the request and average a two-week go-live date nationally, pending the hospital credentialing process.

Attention to detail

Well-qualified Sterile Processing Department and Operating Room teams reduce surgical delays and infection risks. Each of the SPD and OR candidates we place will have at least two years of relevant experience. Before each candidate’s profile is presented to you, they undergo a comprehensive skills assessment and an interview process led by an OR Director. Their references will be checked, and certifications verified. If you choose, you can interview the candidates as well to confirm suitability for your team.


We have over 2,000 certified, vetted, and verified SPD and OR techs in our network available to join your team. With MOAB, you’ll have the sterilization techs you need in place without delay for any challenge that may arise. Whether you have a short-term need due to increased demand or require permanent placements to build out your team, we can quickly connect you with an experienced Operating Room and Sterile Processing technician who is a match for the role and your hospital.

Improved outcomes

Our commitment is to patient safety, surgeon satisfaction, and the health of your bottom line. Your peace of mind is our top priority.

Partner with Moab Healthcare!

To learn more about why you should partner with Moab Healthcare, contact our team of experts. We can connect you with knowledgeable, experienced, and thoroughly vetted Operating Room and Sterile Processing technicians. We recruit, hire, and rapidly deploy the industry’s top SPD talent. Our field technicians are required to maintain IAHCSMM or  (CBSPD) certification and average over 7 years of relevant clinical experience.

Reach out to us today by email at hello@moabhealthcare.com or by phone at 1-833-SPD-TECH

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      January 16, 2019

      Why Hospitals Partner With MOAB Healthcare

      Trained, vetted sterilization technicians are essential to the success of your healthcare facility. You need them to keep your patients safe, your surgeons happy and your[..]