A doctor, technician and a consultant as competent Sterile Processing Department solutions

Improving the Sterile Processing Department

Leadership, Labor, & Consulting- Where Should I Invest?

Not that long ago, Healthcare organizations were reluctant to “invest” in their Sterile Processing Departments.  Critical infrastructure and human capital needs were tabled while funding was being utilized for “sexier” surgical innovations intended to attract new surgeons and drive revenue.   This inequitable investment created unintended but serious consequences that compromised patient safety and regulatory compliance.  Today, C-Suite and Corporate Leaders awareness re SPD is heightened and as such, so is their willingness to “invest” in Sterile Processing.   They will inevitably look to perioperative leaders to provide guidance on how this funding is allocated.   

The days of promoting unqualified personnel to SPD leadership positions should be over.  Identify and deploy a strong, subject matter expert with excellent leadership skills.  Look for the “Diamond in Rough” in your existing staff and “invest” in mentoring.   Beware of overpriced consulting-based leaders that spend more time in the office than on the front lines.   Compliment your team with dynamic “shift leaders”. 

Most hospitals Do Not have an adequate number of experienced SPD technicians.  Let me repeat:  Staffing levels in Sterile Processing rarely align with demand!   The greatest leaders will FAIL if there is insufficient labor to get the job done.  Time and again we hear Senior Leaders lamenting on how they hired an expensive, consultant-based SPD leader but things just aren’t improving.   Pro tip- count your unprocessed trays each morning.   The data will tell the labor deficit story. 

Once again, buyer beware!  Ask yourself some questions before investing!     Is this engagement going to serve as a band-aid or result in long term sustainable change?  Are my staffing levels sufficient to implement new processes?  Have we truly identified our issues and developed a quantifiable action plan to correct them?  

Moab Healthcare provides “Traveler” Sterile Processing Technicians to support your production needs.   ALL our technicians are CBSPD and/or HSPA (IAHCSMM) certified and have a minimum of 2 years of relevant Sterile Processing experience and can be deployed as rapidly as needed.

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